We will be seeking the partnership of Australian governments and proud corporations to deliver this important event in the nation’s history, understanding both its historical value as well as its contemporary significance.

By engaging early with our potential partners, we can invite input into the program content and development to allow for maximum exposure through a number of channels:

Ads and Marketing

Our marketing will be extensive and over multiple platforms. Starting in late 2017 the Marketing Campaign will ramp up to full exposure 18 months out (December 2018) from the event in June 2020.

Video and photography

Professional videographers and photographers have been engaged to cover all aspects of the Event. Our partners and sponsors will have access to footage and images for promotional purposes.

Mobile billboards

Vehicle signage on buses, taxis, magnetic signs for Uber drivers, mobile billboards towed behind motorbikes in major cities. Also mobile LED signage on site during the event for event infrastructure can also be used for ongoing partner promotion.

Mascots, flags and signs

Participating partnering cities in Queensland will be lined with street signs and flags promoting the event.

Graphic Design

Our in-house Graphic Design professionals will create original infographics and promotional assets for marketing use including co brand creation.

Web and Codes

Website, app and digital development is being developed specifically to provide multi-faceted layers of promotional activity before, and during the event.

Videos, films and docos

Interviews, film and documentaries covering historical aspects of the event, Cooktown itself and connected parties.

Cinemas & town criers

Outdoor advertisements, short films playing in cinemas, online and YouTube videos, snippets and more.

If you would like to discuss partnership options, please get in touch.