Inspired by the history of the encounters between Europeans and Australia’s first peoples, the mission of Cooktown 2020 is to work in partnership to educate and inspire individuals and communities and build a stronger future through a greater understanding of past events.

We believe that Cook’s voyage to and through our region is worthy of national recognition on many levels, most notably for the that 48-day shared history, the first recorded act of reconciliation and the Scientific achievements shaped Australia

We are committed to sharing the story of the shaping of Cooktown because we know how integral it is to the foundation of our country.

Cook’s voyage needs to be understood as a highly valuable voyage of exploration, separate to the years of colonisation that followed later.

Cooktown 2020 presents enormous opportunity for engagement with students of all ages.  If you would like to explore how you or your students can connect meaningfully with Cook’s story or assist in its retelling, please get in touch.